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I migrated the content from the original website at Karl Johan Kleist's invitation. At my direction, Single-Sourcing Solutions took over administration of in 2008.

New pages I maintain, have added, or otherwise keep track of..

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I work in content. I help companies develop and execute -- efficiently -- their enterprise content strategy.

Here's the official bio:

Elizabeth Fraley
Founder and CEO, Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. 

Before founding Single-Sourcing Solutions, Liz worked in both high-tech
and government sectors, developing and delivering technical design and
strategy of authoring and publishing solutions as a Single-Source/XML
Architect/Programmer. For over a decade, she has architected and
implemented the single-sourcing systems for government and high tech

Specializing in practical development and deployment, she is a strong
advocate of designing architectures that directly improve organizational
efficiency, productivity, and interoperability.

She presents regularly at industry and vendor conferences and is
very active in the software engineering user communities:
SF Bay Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) council member,
SF Bay Arbortext PTC/User group charter member, and host of both
a blog and a podcast that focus on strategies, skills, and resources
for the user community.

She holds degrees in Computer Science and English from the University
of College Park and a Masters in English from the University of Southern

Here's the real scoop:

My team says that I build clubhouses. I keep trying to find new ways to share information and strengthen the ecosystem of professionals around me. This means that I give back. I've been a volunteer/officer for the Association for Computing Machinery since 1998. I've volunteered for Society of Women Engineers at various events over the years. I started the Arbortext PTC/User group and continue to donate resources and logistics to help it flourish. My dedication to growing the community is so strong that it's carried over into the way Single-Sourcing Solutions does business. Each one of our team members is active in one or more on-line user communities and it is expected that each one devote a portion of their on-the-job time to helping people find answers to problems.

I'm a gardener: I'm happiest when those around me are flourishing.

Here's where to find me online:

Here's where to find me live:

I'm a regular poster to our corporate sites...

Here I am

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